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Destiny 2's Opening Hours Are Brilliant

“You literally spawn into a room full of fire and RIP through the invaders, The Cabal, who are basically Warhammer's Space Marines crossed with the Mangalores from The Fifth Element. We learn that these particular Cabal are from The Red Legion -  an ancient military force who "Have never known defeat." Yeah, well, our invincible light-infused Guardian who shoots lighting out of his fists when he body slams stuff hasn't ever known defeat either. “

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Cleaning up before OGAT 2019

“After slipping out of my self-imposed One Game At A Time restriction in the fall, I’m going to try and get back in the habit of limiting myself to a single game. As I’ve mentioned before this is as much to diversify my off-time as it is to allow me to soak up a particular experience. First up is Resident Evil 2, which releases this Friday, January 25. In the lead up to that, I’ll run through some quick thoughts on what I’ve been playing.”

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Clearing Out My Backlog: Assassin's Creed: Origins

“…they turned Assassin's Creed into The Witcher 3, adding sidequests, crafting, gear, a truly massive open world, and improved combat. All these improvements and the intoxicating Ancient Egyptian setting was enough to really get its hooks in me when the game first released. The one thing they didn't learn from Witcher 3, was how to tell a story.”

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